Help with OMSA install on Fedora Core 4 and up

Dirkjan Bussink dirkjan at
Fri Jun 1 13:20:25 CDT 2007

Jeff Fishbaugh wrote:

> 2- If your NOT using OMSA I'd be curious as to how you are going about 
> things using stock Fedora IPMI kernel modules and ipmitool. I'd also be 
> curious to know if you have some implementation of SNMP for you IPMI 
> monitoring that doesn't rely on OMSA.

We are doing Nagios monitoring using only ipmitool and MegaCli. For
ipmitool, there is a Nagios script that does basic checking of the
temperatures / fans etc. For the RAID status I wrote a very simple
module that uses MegaCli. I found making this a lot less work than
installing the OMSA beast en setting it up properly.

Downside is that different version of the PERC controllers use different
command line tools (Megarc, MegaCli, etc), but since we've standardized
quite a lot, this is not a big issue. The ipmitool check simply works on
all systems that support IPMI.

If you're interested, I could send you the Nagios script that checks the
RAID status using MegaCli, but this only works for the PERC5/i
controllers (megaraid_sas).

Dirkjan Bussink

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