Help with OMSA install on Fedora Core 4 and up

Jeff Fishbaugh at
Fri Jun 1 12:37:18 CDT 2007


I had emailed the distro last week with some advise on pulling IPMI stats on 
our PowerEdge boxes that all run Fedora (versions 4-6). I was kind of 
directed away from it with a general sense given, 'it's clunky'. And so I 
did. I used the stock IPMI kernel modules available in Fedora and everything 
was peachy using ipmitools. IPMI over LAN working, the whole shabang, or is 

The ugliness...

I had planned on using the OMSA since it provides all the hooks into the 
sensors, reports info on the RAID devices, and provides some SNMP 
functionality. Additionally, the simple fact there are many available Nagios 
plugins built around omreports compared to ipmitools. Call me lazy, but I 
saw no need to re-invent the wheel with ipmitools and writing my own plugins 
if I could just get OMSA installed and working.

Since I have had zero success getting OMSA installed -- mainly it complains 
about (I've got 6 and I can't downgrade, in fact I have 
limited machines even in which I can do any building on). Using dkms and 
building from kernel source fails with a bunch of pointer type errors in 
make.log so what to do?!?

Here's what I am after for this post in terms of a response:

1- For non-RHEL and SUSE users, ie- those using something other than a 
supported Linux distro or compatible like CentOS for example, if you got 
OMSA installed on Fedora, any tips for doing so? I think Dell is doing great 
by offering something in Linux land but just putting some tarballs of source 
out there would be a step in the right direction. Even if I get OpenIPMI 
installed by building off a tarball I still have OMSA to contend with. Would 
be nice if you could have it play nice with some of the generic kernel 
modules instead of requiring OpenIPMI nonetheless give me a tarball OMSA so 
I can build it myself.

2- If your NOT using OMSA I'd be curious as to how you are going about 
things using stock Fedora IPMI kernel modules and ipmitool. I'd also be 
curious to know if you have some implementation of SNMP for you IPMI 
monitoring that doesn't rely on OMSA.

Thanks a bunch, one and all. Enjoy your weekend.

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