PE SC420 Adding SCSI card for tape backup/Yosemite

Martin Eder meder at
Fri Jun 1 08:35:49 CDT 2007


We have the 420 with the U320 RAID Scsi controller.  We are running Redhat

Our Travan tape drive died, and have a replacement external DAT72 drive w/ a
39160 dual channel controller.

Since this is the first time I will add a scsi card to a linix system I
assume it will recognize it on boot. And all will be good.

Anyone have any pointers? comments? I don't expect any problems, but rather
be prepaired.

Also, Will the DAT72 work with Tapeware, or is Yosemite 8.x a better backup.
I allways had problems with the disaster recovery in tapeware and never had
it working.

Thanks in advance.


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