Remote access for x6xx, x7xx?

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These servers all used the ERA (Embedded Remote Access) for remote
management.  It is essentially the same functionality as that provided
by the DRAC III but integrated on the system board or on a daughter card
in order not to occupy a PCI slot.  On the 2650, it was a standard
feature present on all servers.  On the 1650 and the 1750 it was
optional and enabled with a daughter card.  Your servers may or may not
have this functionality, depending on how they were ordered.

The documentation here
should cover all three of these systems.

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I have a few old 1650s, 1750, and a 2650.  I wanted DRACs for them, but
was told that they're "pre-DRAC", and they have some other remote access
in them.  Yes, there is an Ethernet port with a wrench.  I'm looking for
information on how to configure and use these things.

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