PERC4/DC : Convert single-disk RAID0 to dual-disk RAID1 and preserve data?

vincent at vincent at
Wed Feb 28 07:40:06 CST 2007

Hello everyone,

I have a system using a single-disk SCSI config in a single logical drive 
on a PERC 4e/DC. I have obtained an identical SCSI disk and I'd like to 
convert the system to RAID-1. I.E: The original single disk would become 
part (and retain its OS/data on it!)  of a RAID-1 logical drive.

Typically, this would most likely involve creating a RAID-1 with a single 
disk survivor, add another disk later and resync the second disk drive. 
However, the PERC4 won't let me create a single-disk RAID-1, only RAID-0 
is allowed.

Any ideas? Any HOWTO's? Thanks for any help..

best regards,

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