PXE booting of PE1950

Michael Green mishagreen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 28 06:12:01 CST 2007

Bright minds,

I'm looking for somebody who had succeeded in setting up PXE booting
of PE1950 machines in SLES9 SP3 environment.

I've been trying for quite some time now to setup a DHCP/NFS/TFTP/PXE
server on one PE1950 to boot up a bunch of other PE1950s but it didn't

I'm not looking to instal the machines from PXE, but to boot the
machines over PXE and let them run off NFS mounted file systems.

The knowledge that I've gathered on the topic is from  various HOWTOs
that I found on the Internet, most of which are relatively old and/or
Redhat based.

So if you have succeeded in building PXE environment on PE1950 (or
similar systems), and willing to share your knowledge  please drop me
a note!

I'd equally appreciate pointers to any _relevant_ reading.

Warm regards,
Michael Green

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