Possible Spam: PCIe Training Error

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Did you just add or remove a PCIe board from the system?

If you just added a board, then make sure the board is fully seated in the 
PCIe slot.   Often times the card will only be partially seated, resulting 
in half the connector actually making contact with the board edge 
connector and the other half not making contact, which can really hose 

If you just removed a board from the system, or you are positive that the 
board you just added is fully seated in the PCIe slot and the error 
persists, then try the following:
Go into the BIOS.
Hit Caps Lock,  Num Lock, and Scroll Lock keys so all 3 LED lights are lit 
on the keyboard.
Hit CTRL-E and you should hear a beep.
ESC out of the BIOS and reboot.

This usually fixes PCI errors that can crop up when boards are added or 
removed from a system.

On the other hand, if you have not added or removed any boards from the 
system, then you may have another hardware issue that would require Dell 
Support as per your normal Dell Service Contract.

- Brian

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I am getting the following error on start up:
PCle Training error: Slot 6
System Halted
Can you please tell me how i can resolve this. I have a Dell 2800.
Bright Matibiri
IT Systems Development
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