PE2950 SAS controller upgrade

Tino Schwarze linux-poweredge.lists at
Tue Feb 27 07:27:31 CST 2007

Hi there,

(I couldn't reach our sales rep, therefore I'm asking here)

I've got a PE2950 with SAS5/i and 4 SAS disks. We're using software
raid1 on these and now ordered another 2 disks. After we discovered that
the integrated controller cannot handle 6 disks, we're going to order
a PERC controller for the machine.

My question: Will that work without backing up all data and restoring
after installing the PERC? We'd actually like to use the PERC in JBOD
mode which is not possible, as I've learned recently from this list. So
we wil have to configure 6 RAID0, right?

What would be the best upgrade path for us? Would it be possible to
somehow attach another controller to the backplane? Are we stuck with a
PERC we don't need nor want?



PS: We're pretty unsatisfied with the choices Dell currently offers
regarding storage. It all started with the 1850 having only 2 disks.


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