DRDB vs SnapShots

Victor Hugo dos Santos listas.vhs at gmail.com
Mon Feb 26 13:22:35 CST 2007

Hello for all

I have 03 PE-6850 and 03  AX150.

first is the primary system
in other is the testing system
and in the last is the backup system.

Instaled in all machines (PE-6850) exist  RHAS 4 and Oracle...  and in
the AX150 is the data of BD.

now, my questing is about for the best solution for backup between
primary and backup system.

I look in the AX150 manual that is posible run snapshots in the system
and copy he for one other machine.. but, i worked with DRBD in others
time and the resulted is very, very good.

my question is: What of this two systems (snapshots and DRBD) is the
best for this machines ??


Victor Hugo dos Santos
Linux Counter #224399

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