DELL Market Share Spiralling Downwards

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Many end users such as you are having issues with driver compatibility in Vista.
One of the biggest gripes is with NVIDIA driver support - users with 8800 cards
have only just got support, and SLI for earlier models (6 and 7 series) is not
yet supported. In this respect, Dell are not shipping Vista on dual 8800
machines, it is not even an option. Please bear in mind that Dell may also be at
the mercy of the OEM - to the best of my knowledge, Dell do not actually
manufacture their printers, a third-party OEM manufactures them for them, and
therefore there is a requirement for Dell to liaise with the OEM to ensure that
developed drivers are compatible with both the operating system and the


I am not a Dell employee, nor am I affiliated with Dell in any way - I am merely
an IT professional who uses and maintains their products. Although I appreciate
your frustration at Dell, please do not take it out on the subscribers to the
Linux PowerEdge users group. This is a community forum for Linux users to share
ideas and ask advice from other Dell Linux users, and flaming about Vista
drivers has no place on these threads.  

Best Regards, 

Richard Garner (A+, AMBCS) 

Computer Service Centre 


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Subject: FYI: DELL Market Share Spiralling Downwards


Mr. Smith,

I am perplexed as to why you did not reply to my e-mail. Maybe you're too busy
kicking butts and getting some drivers rolled out.

Mr. Foley

paul <paul8f at> wrote: 

Mr. Smith,



Thank you for taking the time to reply to my e-mail. While I admit it was a bit
of an outburst, I am not sorry for speaking my mind. I am usually a patient and
understanding man, but the disruption this matter is causing must be


In your reply you mentioned the difficulty that computer manufacturers and
hardware vendors have around the time a new OS is introduced. I take this point
on board, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that Windows Vista has been in
development for the last four or five years, and that the first Beta version was
released in the summer of 2005.


I acknowledge the fact that Microsoft would be very reluctant to share certain
aspects of their new operating system code with anybody, but as Dell has a close
partnership with Microsoft, I cannot understand why so many people are now stuck
with peripheral devices that they cannot use. 


Think of the small or home-based business, who are probably on a very tight
budget, now having to fork out on new equipment (and supplies for that new
equipment), or even the time lost to revert back to their old OS, all because
some Multinational Computer Corporation can't edit a few simple drivers in time.
How come I have not had any other compatibility or driver problems with the
other devices installed in my three year old machine?


I have a proposal, and I feel that it's a reasonable request. The date stated on
the Dell website for the release of some Vista drivers is April 2007. The least
Dell could do, would be to bring this date forward and keep some customers
happy. After all, the more Dell printers working out there, the more photo-paper
and cartridges Dell can sell. These sales would actually offset some of the cost
of bringing in the extra personnel/resources that may be needed to resolve this
matter in a more timely fashion. How does the start of March sound to you? 


Yours sincerely,

Paul Foley.


P.S. I am not going to give you my service tag, as I do not want a Windows 2000
driver that may or may not work. I want a Vista driver that will work.


Mark_L_Smith at wrote:

	Mr. Foley, 

	I am following up on an e-mail that was sent to our Corporate offices.
Thank you for taking the time to bring this matter to our attention.

	I apologize if you are having problems using your Dell printer due to
the operating system change to Windows Vista.  In spite of Dell's best efforts
to avoid compatibilty issues associated with the introduction of a new operating
system, because of the amount of technology that is already in the field, and
the fluid nature of the necessary patches and updates required whenever a new
operating system is launched, Dell, like almost all technology manufacturers and
vendors, and our customers, are faced with challenges to make pre-existing
technology compatible going forward when new technology is introduced.

	Once the updated driver is developed, you likely will not experience
additional compatibility issues, however, I understand that you must be
frustrated that the timing for the required driver does not coincide with the
ability to upgrade to the new operating system.  In checking with one of Dell's
technical representatives, I was advised that the driver for Windows 2000 may
work depending on the system you are using.  If you would forward your service
tag or account information to me, I would be happy to follow up with the
technician to find out if there is a workable driver for you.

	Please feel free to contact me directly either by return e-mail or by
telephone at 1-(800) 624-9897, ext 723-9429, and I will be happy to assist you.


	Mark L. Smith 
	Dell Executive Support 
	Care Resolution Center 
	Dell Inc. 



paul8f at wrote:


Dear Michael/Christy, 

I am writing this e-mail in relation to the lack of drivers for Windows Vista
compatible Dell printers. I own a Dell A920 All-in-one Printer and have just
upgraded from XP to Vista Home Premium. While not the most sophisticated,
expensive or ink friendly printer in the world, I am happy with it's reliability
and quality. 

Having run the Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor in advance to upgrading, I knew
that my PC would require some driver re-installation or upgrades, but I had to
refresh my webpage when I saw that a driver for my A920 would not be available
until April. (Almost three months after Vista has become available to the
general public!). How can you justify this? 

The final insult came when I decided to go to Dell supplies to see if any Vista
incompatibility warnings were displayed if I went to order cartridges for my
A920, but surprise, surprise there were none. It didn't surprise me that
Microsoft Vista was also advertised near the top of the same page "Dell
recommends Windows Vista(tm) Home Premium".... 

Out of a sample of Dell printers that I have investigated, two had no Vista
support whatsoever, and three required that native drivers be used with the
possibility of compatibility issues. I understand that peripheral devices get
replaced with advances in technology and eventually lose technical support and
firmware upgrades from the vendor, but these devices are far from the end of
their productive life. Not only this, but I'm guessing that they are high volume
models that are shipped free with a lot of Dell orders. 

Trust me, Dell are not going to win on issues like this. Customers are not
simply going to jump online and splash out on the next model. Don't insult
peoples' intelligence. These once-loyal Dell customers will simply move away to
companies who are more interested in staying dedicated to their customers' needs
(and wallets), than in keeping their share-holders happy. I have developed a
method to continue to use my A920 with my PC. While on the crude side, it saves
me the cost of a new printer and I intend to share my idea on the four forums
that I am a member of. 

Coming back to the issue in hand, I feel that this is totally unacceptable that
these drivers are not available, especially since Windows Vista has been in
development since 2002. I'm a firm believer in the fact that sometimes changes
have to be made that may not make everybody happy, but never the less they have
to be made. I hope you believe this too. 

Looking forward to your response, 

Paul Foley




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