Is this a genuine Dell Drive?

Sean Dilda sean at
Thu Feb 22 10:17:03 CST 2007

vincent at wrote:
> In a Dell serv with SCSI I own, a disk has failed. I'm wondering if this 
> drive is a genuine Dell drive (I got the server second-hand). The Disk is 
> a Seagate ST3300007LW with firmware 702 (as seen from the SCSI HBA)
> The disk label doesn't show a Seagate logo or anything. It's white label 
> with this information on it (retyped here)
> CAPACITY: 300GB 10000 RPM
> MFG: SYST300GBSCSI (with a bar code)
> CSN: HH-081806-1B270693 (with a bar code).
> No other information... Is this a genuine Dell drive?

Something you may want to try is going to, clicking on 
'Warranty Information' then 'Warranty Status'.  At some point you'll be 
asked for a service tag and you should put in the service tag for that 

Once you get through all that, you can see how long the warranty on your 
system lasts (and what type of warranty).  In addition, there's a 
'Original System Configuration' tab that'll let you see what the 
configuration was when the system was purchased, including harddrives. 
I'd suggest comparing that to what the system has now.

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