Two network interfaces [copy to the list]

Benoit Plessis b.plessis at
Tue Feb 20 05:15:47 CST 2007

Sorry i've misread the broadcast for the ipaddr.

Have you tried to bring down the interfaces using software ?
Did you experiment the same effect ?

When u unplug the network cable, does the kernel detect the link loss ?
(look up for link related message in dmesg/syslog).

could you get the result of
# ip addr
# ip route

1/ when both link are up
2/ when eth0 is down (software)
3/ when the cable is unplug (bring the interface up before).

Sjouk Janssen a écrit :
> It are not the same IP addresses
> They are on the same sub net but each interface has a unique address
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