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Benoit Plessis b.plessis at
Mon Feb 19 16:52:33 CST 2007

as said before your network configuration would be helpfull in resolving
this problem, but I can
see one explanation of this.

Let's say eth0 configuration is like this:
       address =>
       gateway =>
and eth1 is like this one:
       address =>

In this case if you unplug eth0 cable, the host would be unable to reach
it's gateway which
is configured using eth0 and you won't be unable to ping it _from
another network._
To be able to do this you need to specific two gateway, one for each

Anyway if you really need HA on the network take a look at the linux
bonding driver:


Sjouk Janssen wrote:
> Dear,
> I have two network interfaces in a DELL 2950.
> Both are configured and are working, but if I take out the network 
> cable of eth0 interface the whole machine is blocked.
> Means you can not ping to the machine at all not on eth0 and not on eth1.
> Is this a known issue.
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