Can't move drives from an HP DL145 to PE SC1435, why?

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Mon Feb 19 17:10:36 CST 2007

Off the top of my head, I would say that the SC1435 requires the
sata_svw driver, not sata_nv.


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Subject: Can't move drives from an HP DL145 to PE SC1435, why?

I've got a customer who needs more power, so I tried to
move the two software mirrored (RHEL 4) drives from the
HP DL145 G2 single 2.0 GHz opteron server that the
customer currently has to a PE SC1435 with two 2.8 GHz
opterons.  It fails to boot at the point where linux is
trying to mount the root, typical generic vmlinuz mount
failure.  Both servers use scsi_hostadapter sata_nv
in the modules.conf so I figured I would not have an issue
just moving the drives.  I didn't leave the customer down
long enough to write down the specific errors, I'm going
to do the migration manually instead but figured I'd see
if anyone would have an idea off the top of their head.



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