Can't move drives from an HP DL145 to PE SC1435, why?

Ben Scott dragonhawk at
Mon Feb 19 16:51:21 CST 2007

On 2/18/07, David Hubbard <dhubbard at> wrote:
> It fails to boot at the point where linux is
> trying to mount the root, typical generic vmlinuz mount
> failure.  Both servers use scsi_hostadapter sata_nv
> in the modules.conf so I figured I would not have an issue
> just moving the drives.

  Failures mounting root are usually due to to either (1) devices no
showing up or (2) changes in device names/ordering.  The first is
usually due to missing or incorrect device drivers, and it sounds like
that's unlikely in your situation.  The second can happen when moving
between systems, so maybe that's more likely.

  For example, say you have an IDE disk as primary master (hda) in
your old system.  Then you move it to a new system, which happens to
have things wired such that it shows up as hdc instead.  The kernel
will still be looking for the root on hda1 (or whatever), and pukes.

  Now, you say you're using software RAID.  That means the
filesystem(s) will be on virtual devices, but the same principle
applies.  Maybe the RAID driver isn't finding things because their
apparent location changed, or maybe the RAID volumes are being
detected differently, causing the md? ordering to change.

  Keep an eye on the kernel output during the RAID auto-detection
phase; see if the md? devices are coming online properly.  Also see if
the physical disks are being detected by the SATA driver.

-- Ben

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