SNMP with Dell OM tools

Jeff Howell JHowell at
Mon Feb 19 16:21:39 CST 2007

Well I finally stumbled across a solution to this and thought I'd share.

Turns out all the systems giving the authentication errors had the
OpenManage tools and snmpd.conf file set up by a windows guy here
running winscp. So the files were all in the DOS version of ASCII with
CRLF terminators. After I noticed this and converted them to UNIX ASCII
everything is working fine.

Hope this helps soneone else in the future.

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We're running RHEL4 on about 40 dell systems. All of these systems have
the same snmpd.conf file. We seem to have a group of about 10 systems
that consistantly return this error when the nightly discovery runs
(hostnames have been changed to protect the innocent):, Service Tag:22QKR91, Asset Tag:,
Date:01/24/07, Time:05:05:06:000, Severity:Critical,
Message:Authentication Failure

Any ideas on this?


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