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DRAC4 supports only Base 64 certificates and doesn't support DER.  

Refer to this link for more differences between DER and Base64:

There are multiple ways how you can create your certificate:
1. from DRAC GUI
2. from DRAC GUI using CSR and then submitting it to CA
3. keytool application:

>From your mail, I guess you might have used CSR, in that case download
only Base 64 cert from CA.

You can use one of the following CA's:
1. http://www.verisign.com/
2. http://www.thawte.com/
3. Microsoft Certificate Services - http://<CAServerIP>/certsrv


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G'Day All,

Anybody had some success with certs and DRAC cards?

I thought that tomcat was temperamental - but the DRAC takes the cake.

I always get this error:

A DRAC 4 error has occurred.  	

  	Description: Security Error - Unable to upload certificate
  	Error Code: 0x000A0004

     * Verify that the certificate file is valid and not corrupted.
     * Verify that the certificate is Base 64 encoded. DRAC 4 does not
support DER encoded certificates.

And I can't see how I can upload a "chain" too - seems to only want to
accept one cert and one cert only?


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