Perc 5 and Perc 4 in same pe1950 server

Brent_Clements at Brent_Clements at
Sat Feb 17 13:37:06 CST 2007

Hope someone can help with this problem. 
I'm curious if anyone else has encountered this before with these particular controllers in the same machine.
I have a Perc 4 and  Perc 5 in the same PE1950 machine running RHEL 4 U3
The Perc 5 when initializing says that it is in BUS 2 ID XXXX
The Perc 4 when initializing says that it is in BUS 13 ID XXXX
When I boot into RHEL 4 U3, the kernel reports a scsi0 (2,0,0) : reservation conflict
When I look at /proc/scsi/scsi, something strange shows up.
Both the PERC 5 and PERC 4 are showing as on the SAME bus (2,0,0)
Anybody have a clue?

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