Is this a genuine Dell Drive?

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Thu Feb 15 08:27:42 CST 2007

In general, the warranty does transfer on server products (one notable
exception being if the unit was moved outside the country where the
warranty exists).

This is not how a label on a Genuine Dell drive would look.  The email
earlier in this thread that spoke of Dell P/N or D P/N is
accurate...that is how technicians are able to identify the Dell part
number when attempting to determine which part to send.

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On 2/14/07, vincent at <vincent at> wrote:
> I care because: 1) I need warranty service on the drive and 2) these
> sold to me as 'genuine Dell Drives'.

  Ah.  I seem to recall reading that the warranty does not transfer to
new owners.  That might have been for consumer machines only, though.

-- Ben

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