PowerEdge 1400SC

Steve Shiels stephen.shiels at ntlworld.com
Thu Feb 15 00:52:46 CST 2007

Hi everybody,

I have recently inherited a PowerEdge 1400SC server on to which I 
installed Ubuntu Edgy. The server itself came with a few problems, most 
of which I cleared by upgrading the BIOS to the latest release (A09). 
However I have one issue left that I have been chasing my tail over for 
the last few days and that is simply that the server boots itself up 
every day at 00:43.... I think that this is probably controlled in the 
BIOS somewhere.

In my recent trawls I found references to a feature called AutoOn that I 
believe can be programmed via OpenManage and ITAssistant and this is 
where I am currently concentrating my efforts, i..e trying to find out 
whether this software hasd been ported to Ubuntu, whether the port to 
Ubuntu will allow me access to these settings and so on .....

Anyway, in the meantime if anybody has any pointers on this issue I 
would very grateful!

Many thanks,


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