Kernel sources for debian on dell

Stephen Carr SCarr at
Mon Feb 12 17:14:58 CST 2007

 I had the same issue. I'm not sure what the r1 is (unless it is rc1
then it is a release candidate not the full release. This would explain
the weirdness) but I quickly updated the kernel after getting the
"debian on dell" install taken care of (it didn't recognize the extra
memory or the correct number of cpu's). I'd download the full 2.6.19
kernel source (linux-2.6.19.tar.bz2) and then update the kernel (you can
find instructions for the "Debian Way"). You'll need the following
packages if you don't have them already:

apt-get install make gcc bin86 libc6-dev kernel-package ncurses-base
libncurses5-dev initrd-tools

Then run menuconfig (or whichever process you prefer) and add the
multiple CPU support and the more memory support (I can't remember the
specifics right now but you can google them). 
Then run mkinitrd on the new kernel so it can see the drives pre kernel
load, change the grub list and you should be good to go.

I've got this kernel running smoothly on some PE1955's with 4GB and two
dual cores (Debian sees all four cpu's now) without any problems. Let me
know if this helps (or you need more info)


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Hi list,

I'm running a couple of pe 1950s and they're Behaving Weirdly.  I've got
them on kernel 2.6.19r1 via the "debian on dell" custom sarge 1028 iso,
but it has no kernel sources.  Frex, the machines see less than a gig of
RAM, and i have a sinking feeling that this kernel was compiled without

What is the best way to get the kernel sources so i may tweak it myself?

  I'm not sure what "r1" corresponds to on  Is this 2.6.19
or  Or something else?  Or am i barking up the wrong tree
entirely to get this working?  Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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