Megaraid PERC 4/E is detected first, why ?

Richard Ford rford at
Mon Feb 12 01:51:27 CST 2007

This can be done in the BIOS.  Select boot order and SCSI card  
order......I believe in the PERC bios which allows you to control the  
two cards in one instance, you can also select which card (Or virtual  
disk) is active for boot purposes...

Also if you use LVM it should not matter and things will auto adjust  
on the fly.  That is how I got all to work like this with a PE1850  
and PV220S....


On 12 Feb 2007, at 1:41 PM, Krishna Murthy, Elangovan wrote:

> Hi,
> We have 1950 system , in that one 5/I controller and 4 /E  
> controller  with RAID-5 configuration,
> We are facing problem in boot sequence , without connecting to the  
> external array we have already installed OS on to the internal disk  
> drives,
> But we are facing problem after connecting back our external array  
> to the 1950 system, show kernel panic error while booting up the OS.
>  Its show external RAID array as /dev/sda and internal disk drives  
> as /dev/sdb,
> How to change the order of detection between PERC 5/I and 4/E  
> ( external array ).
> Thanks
> Elango
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