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Sun Feb 11 10:56:12 CST 2007

Mad Unix wrote:
> I need a tool to clone linux system from one server to another server,
> what would be the best....?
What is best for you is going to depend on your preferences,
environment, etc.
There are commercial options like ghost and acronis but I have not used
(or needed) them because there are plenty of free & open-source options.
I have tried or know of  g4u[1], partimage[2], system imager and
dd+netcat. Helix (a bootable forensics toolkit) has adepto/grab[4].
They all work great. There are also an number of "p2v" tools out there
due to the recent virtualization movement that can probably also do p2p
(physical to physical).

Anyway, unless you are trying to get fancy, the quick one-off system can
best be cloned with dd+netcat (also sometimes called a network
acquisition) right to the target drive over the network.


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