query on harddisk bay on 2900 and remote access card

Fung cftongz at gmail.com
Thu Feb 8 22:50:22 CST 2007


There are 10 harddisk spaces in 2900. I want to choose the option  Raid 5/1
Fault Tolerance 1x8 backplane/striping flex bay.

I want to know how many harddisks can be put in the front and how many can
be put in the case internally.

I want to purchase the Remote Access Card -Dell Remote Access Card, 5th
Generation for PowerEdge Remote Management.
I want to know how low-level could the card reach.
Could it switch on the computer when it is off?
Could it access the Bios?
Is the card stable?
Where is it installed and how does it obtain electricity?

Thanks in advanced.
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