raid5(3disk) in other similar server

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Hi Catam,
Which model PERC controller is in your 1750? lists both
PERC3 and PERC4 controllers in all formats (Di/DC etc) as options for the 1750.

Firstly, I would be keen to use the Original System Configuration tool at
ystems_info/en/details?c=uk&l=en&s=gen&~tab=3) to check the service tags of both
servers to make sure that they both (at least originally) had the same PERC
controller in them. If they are different families/different models (and if the
PERC controller is offboard), then it may be easier to pull the PERC card from
the dead 1750 and put it in the live one, and bear in mind that the PERC card
will have a copy of the container details on it too).

So long as the PERC cards are the same, you need to perform a foreign container
import on the second 1750 - sorry but I cant remember this procedure off the top
of my head.

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Yes to both. I was in bios raid but can not figure how to
see the raid5..


On Thu, 8 Feb 2007, Patrick_Boyd at wrote:

> Two questions:
> 1. Does the new PE1750 have a RAID controller in it?
> 2. Is the RAID controller set to RAID mode in the BIOS?
> Patrick Boyd
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> Hi
> One server I have PE1750 died. So I moved all 3 disks that made a raid5
> into other free PE1750 box. But when I boot up I see 3 drives instead of
> 1 (sda,sdb,sdc). Any1 knows how to make the new server see them as on
> old one ?(they were put in same order)
> catam
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