dell 1950 + raid controller 5i + raid container <-> linux namemapping

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I'm not sure about MegaCli, but you can do this with OMSA.

The `omreport storage vdisk` command will list the /dev device that
corresponds to the logical volume.

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The following is a query on how to map the details provided by;

MegaCli -CfgDsply  -aALL 

To actual names as provided by linux.

Ie under linux, if I query

[root at dhcp-145 dev]# fdisk -l | grep LVM
/dev/sda3            1289       26532   202772430   8e  Linux LVM

I know that /dev/sda3 is a used under LVM.

I want to verify that the RAID array is in an optimal state. So if I run
MegaCli -CfgDsply  -aALL, how do I translate this to /dev/sda3 ?

Hardware background

Dell 1950 with PERC 5/i Integrated.


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