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OMSA is built as i386 userspace executables. These will run on x86_64 as long as the prerequisites are installed.

If you use the yum/rhn repository at, and also have RHN set up, the necessary prerequisite packages will automatically be installed if you "up2date -i srvadmin-all". 

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John you're not on your own! I've been trying for the last couple of
days to setup a system to monitor my RHEL4 machines using OpenManage.
I've managed to install OpenManage on one server but I can't connect to
it using IT Assistant. 

So I thought I would install OpenManage Administrator on another server
which has a DRAC card but only to find that the packages available on
the dell site are i386 and as my machine is x86_64 the dependancies
don't work.

Harald do you know if there are 64bit rpms kicking around? Also is this
the way to manage linux servers?

IT Assistant->Several servers running OpenManage Administrator

I would prefer if IT assistant was sitting on a RHEL4 server which was
accessable from a webpage.

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