PE 2650 and Add in RAID Controller not being detected

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Wed Feb 7 08:13:10 CST 2007

Thanks for all the replies to this message.

To update you all, I have tried it is all the slots with no luck.  I
have booted with the onboard SCSI enabled and disabled.

I did try a MegaRAID (320-2x) controller card that I have destined for
another purpose.  This worked!  It is much more than I need for this

I am going to blame the card and exchange for a less beefy MegaRaid
controller.  Perhaps the BIOS (A21) does not recognize the simpler card
for some reason.

Thanks for your help.


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On Tue, Feb 06, 2007 at 02:17:26PM -0500, J. Epperson wrote:

>In a similar vein, if I were troubleshooting this, I'd want to see what
>happened if I start the machine up with no disks connected to the LSI. 
>Poster indicated that he could boot from CD and see the controller with
>disks attached (strange if it's not recognized at start up, but not

Makes sense though, since Linux does its own PCI bus scan and loads the
module that it thinks will service device(s) it finds.  No BIOS
interaction required for that.

>impossible).  I'd also want to know if it would "see" _any_ other PCI-X
>card at startup, and whether it could see a regular PCI card.  If

That sounds very reasonable, as long as the goal is determining whether
there is a disparity between PCI and PCI-X operation.  The issue as he
is stating it is that the BIOS is not doing the ROM scan.  (Apparently I
missed the fact that it was a PCI-X card so the disparity between PCI
and PCI-X could be a factor.)

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