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A lot of the answers to your questions really depend on what you want to
use your storage for.
Some simple answers:
Does the PE 6850 support RAID 5? Yes, with the proper RAID controller
Does the PE 6850 support 3TB on a single volume? Internally, no.
Externally, yes. You need SAS/SATA to have a single volume greater than
2TB (this is a limitation of SCSI) and you therefore need a PERC 5/E for
use in the 6850 which would be connected to an MD1000 enclosure. The
enclosure can hold either SAS or SATA disks.
Does FC 6 support RAID 5? FC 6 should support the Dell hardware RAID
solution that I have mentioned above.
Let me know if you need more information.
Patrick Boyd 
Dell Storage Software Engineer 


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hi All,

I want to build a Server using PoewrEdge 6850 running raid 5 with 3TB
usable storage. I am new on building a raid. What kind of raid
controllers. backpanel should I choose? Could I have s Sata raid instead
of a SCSI or SAS raid? The Server would run Fedora Core 6. Did Fedora
Core 6 support raid 5 on 6850? 

I am sorry for too many questions. I hope someone could shed a light on


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