PE 2650 and Add in RAID Controller not being detected

Todd Lyons tlyons at
Mon Feb 5 12:13:21 CST 2007

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On Mon, Feb 05, 2007 at 01:01:21PM -0500, tpickard wrote:

>life out of the box, I put in a simple SCSI RAID controller to manage
>the disks.  The card is not being detected at boot time as a SCSI
>controller and I have no opportunity to ctr-c and configure the devices.

I have seen this on older mobos when the BIOS is configured to not
scan that PCI slot for a boot rom, but I would assume that you've
already checked that. (For that matter, we always use stock
configurations and have never had to install an extra scsi card that we
had to boot on on any of our Dells, so I'm not even sure what control
the BIOS gives you over those things.).  All I can say is good luck, I'm
sending a little good karma your way today.
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