PE 2650 and Add in RAID Controller not being detected

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1.  Go into the BIOS.
2.  Hit the Numlock, Caps Lock, and Scroll Lock keys so the lights on the 
keyboard are lit.
3.  Press CTRL-E and you should hear a beep.
4.  Save and exit the BIOS and reboot.

Maybe the machine will "see" the SCSI controller now.

- Brian

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Hello all,

I have a 2650 whose PERC3 has finally quit.  In trying to get some extra
life out of the box, I put in a simple SCSI RAID controller to manage
the disks.  The card is not being detected at boot time as a SCSI
controller and I have no opportunity to ctr-c and configure the devices.
I can boot to CD and detect the card and the drives attached.  I cannot
see the device in the BIOS to set boot order.

Card - LSI Logic LSI20320-R MPT Fusion based controller. (Kernel
supported)  64bit, PCI-X, 133MHZ.
In PCI-X slot 1 to be scanned first per docs.
System BIOS ver A21.

This is an older box with the 400Mhz FSB.  I have put it in every slot.
I have had the card work in another Machine (PCI). 

Any ideas on things to try? 

Note: The preferred method it to use HW RAID over SW RAID on the Adaptec

Any help will be greatly appreciated.



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