OMSA 5.1 RPMS + Centos 4.4 + Net-SNMP 5.4 = no install?

Duncan Hill poweredge at
Mon Feb 5 10:49:32 CST 2007

On Mon, February 5, 2007 16:37, Michael_E_Brown at wrote:
> Very mysterious.
> Few things to try:
> 1) Add "--obsoletes" command line flag to yum


> 2) Add "exclude=net-snmp" to yum.conf


> 3) (big hammer) rpm -e --nodeps net-snmp net-snmp-libs; yum install
> srvadmin-all; rpm -ivh ./path/to/net-snmp-rpms

Yep, conflict goes away.  Server is rather busy at the moment, so I don't
want to disturb it (just in case Murphy decides to poke at it with a
brick), but that gives me a working install method at least.  Cheers.

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