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OMSA 5.1 Docs:

OMSA 5.1 Command Line docs:

OMSA 5.1 Docs -> Using Server Administrator:

To start a Server Administrator session on a remote system, open your
Web browser and type one of the following in the address field and press


where hostname is the assigned name for the managed node system and 1311
is the default port number


https://IP address:1311

where IP address is the IP address for the managed system and 1311 is
the default port number

The Server Administrator Log in window appears.

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The Windows version of OMSA provides a built-in, fully configured GUI
for monitoring hardware, but the Linux version appears to only provide
the drivers, NIBS, etc. ?

I have successfully installed OMSA via YUM, but now what? Do I have to
download and configure a separate tool to do the monitoring? (e.g. 
Nagios, etc.)

If so, any recommendations for a newbie?

Thanks in advance,

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