OMSA 5.1 RPMS + Centos 4.4 + Net-SNMP 5.4 = no install?

Duncan Hill poweredge at
Mon Feb 5 10:09:27 CST 2007

Hi list,

I'm currently fighting with the OMSA 5.1 installer - both the up2date/yum
install and the .tar.gz that provides the RPMs.

The error I get is:
Unresolvable chain of dependencies:
srvadmin-deng-5.1.0-354                  conflicts with net-snmp = 5.0.1-6

# rpm -qa | grep snmp -i

(custom compile of net-snmp 5.4)

# rpm -q --provides net-snmp-5.4-2
net-snmp = 5.4-2

# rpm -q --provides net-snmp-libs-5.1.2-11.EL4.7

(needed for wireshark)

So, why on earth is up2date/yum saying that net-snmp 5.0.1-6 is a conflict?

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