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options bond0 mode=4
we are able to sent 2GBit/s out through one bonding interface (to two hosts)
This setting requires konfiguring LACP on the switch.



David Kostal wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have Dell PE2850 (2xcpu,8GB ram) with 4x gigabit cards (e1000) attached to
> single Cisco 4506. I try to create bonding interfaces with 2 slaves. I try with
> balance-alb, but similar behaviour is also with balance-tlb and balance-rr. i do
> not have any special switch settings, there is no router in the setup involved.
> I am able to receive 2x 1Gbps streams on bond0 (balance-alb) from two
> other hosts.
> I am able to send 1Gbps stream to one other host via bond0.
> I am able to send 2x 1Gbps streams to host1 via bond0 and host3 via bond1.
> I am only able to send 2x 0.5Gbps streams to host1 and host2 via bond0 (both
> slaves are used, each having traffic to single host, but only 0.5Gbps).
> Is there any reason why the outgoing traffic via bond0 doesn't go over 1Gbps?
> The host utilization is well under its limits.
> Thanks a lot,
> david.kostal at
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