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David Kostal david.kostal at
Mon Feb 5 02:18:42 CST 2007

Hi all,

I have Dell PE2850 (2xcpu,8GB ram) with 4x gigabit cards (e1000) attached to
single Cisco 4506. I try to create bonding interfaces with 2 slaves. I try with
balance-alb, but similar behaviour is also with balance-tlb and balance-rr. i do
not have any special switch settings, there is no router in the setup involved.

I am able to receive 2x 1Gbps streams on bond0 (balance-alb) from two
other hosts.
I am able to send 1Gbps stream to one other host via bond0.
I am able to send 2x 1Gbps streams to host1 via bond0 and host3 via bond1.
I am only able to send 2x 0.5Gbps streams to host1 and host2 via bond0 (both
slaves are used, each having traffic to single host, but only 0.5Gbps).

Is there any reason why the outgoing traffic via bond0 doesn't go over 1Gbps?
The host utilization is well under its limits.

Thanks a lot,

david.kostal at

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