BIOS/firmware upgrades on PE1950

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If you know of any debian developers who wish to contribute packaging for firmware-tools for debian, I would be very happy to include it.

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Dear All

I've just installed Debian 'etch' on a new PE1950. The first thing that
I normally like to do is check for BIOS and firmware updates and it
appears that there are updates available for the PERC 5/i firmware.
I've done many BIOS and firmware updates in the past by writing the
floppy on a Windows machine but of course, I've just discovered that the
1950 has no floppy drive!

How are other people dealing with this situation?

I've looked at the firmware-tools project but as far as I can tell there
is no support for Debian.

I've also seen the method suggested in

but I'm a little reluctant to try it when the consequences of getting a
BIOS or F/W update wrong can be so calamitous.

Any advice please?


Jean Lofts

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