LCD access on PowerEdge 1950 with Fedora 6

Jens jens-devel at
Fri Feb 2 06:33:27 CST 2007

Hi Tom,
I would like to use a script like yours.
Do you run Fedora 6, too?
Do I have to changed to custom-string in the bios? (I do not want to
reboot just to test this, because we run jobs which take weeks to complete.)


Tom Brown schrieb:
>> I have read the email on
>> and have a simular problem - perhaps anyone can give me a hint:
>> I run Fedora 6 on our PowerEdge 1950 and I would like to see the load
>> average on the lcd-display. Therefor I installed OMI-50-MN-LX_A01.tar.gz
>> and tried:
>>     omconfig chassis frontpanel lcdindex=1 config=custom text=Hallo
>> But the result is the error-message:
>>     Error! LCD options are not supported on this system.
>> Does anyone has any idea what I have to do to make this work?
> I use
> omconfig chassis frontpanel lcdindex=1 config=custom text="15 min load
> average ` cat /proc/loadavg | gawk '{print $3}'`"
> which is scripted to run every 5 mins
> thanks

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