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Fri Apr 27 03:15:13 CDT 2007

I've just done the same thing - replaced a 36gig 15k RPM disk in a PE1750 with a PERC4/Di controller in it.

I couldn't find much information in OMSA about it, but since the drive was already marked as failed I could only pull out the old drive and replace it with a new one.

Since I was running a RAID 1 (mirror) on the two disks in the 1750 the PERC 4/Di automatically started rebuilding the mirror - I only had to swap the disks.

Hope it helps a bit..

Jens Dueholm Christensen
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I'm going to replace a dead HD in a PE1850 this weekend. I've not  
done it before, so can anyone point me at good docs or a user guide,  
or just any advice for dealing with the RAID BIOS? It has a PERC 4di  
controller (which appears to be unsupported by OMSA 5.1 on Ubuntu so  
omsa can't see it) and 2 15K SCSI drives arranged as RAID-1.


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