Bad CD drive???

Jonathan Adamczewski jadamcze at
Mon Apr 30 18:30:40 CDT 2007

Robert Hagg wrote:
> I have a dell poweredge 2550. When I put an installation CD in the CD drive, it
> doesn't recognize it. ie. The disk won't boot to the install menu. The cd works fine on other systems. I'm thinking I have a bad CD drive.

I have a 2500 that had a similar problem - it had been a long time 
(likely years) since the CD drive had been used, and it would not read 
CDs correctly.

There was quite a layer of dust over everything in the system, and it 
turned out that the dust on the lens of the CD drive was what was 
causing the problem. One quick wipe later and it could read CDs again.

(fortunately, in the low-profile laptop-like CD drive the lens pops out 
with the CD tray)

Hope that helps,


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