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Mon Apr 30 15:54:35 CDT 2007

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On one of my dell 2550 servers I had a similar issue, it wouldn't boot
off the disk but the disk would work in other machines.  In fact other
media would work in the 2550, what turned out to be the issue is the CD
media wasn't 1x to 52x I am assuming it started at some higher number.
As soon as I bought media that was rated 1 to 52 it worked.

Or you could have a bad cdrom ;)

Robert Hagg wrote:
> I have a dell poweredge 2550. When I put an installation CD in the CD drive, it
> doesn't recognize it. ie. The disk won't boot to the install menu. The cd works fine on other systems. I'm thinking I have a bad CD drive.
> I currently don't have a working OS on that machine. I plan to attempt
> installing XP as a test, but do not expect a different result.
> Somewhere along the way the Utilities function/partition "F10" was
> deleted/corrupted. Is there a way to recover that utility? I seem to recall
> there are a number of test functions I may be able to use in order to test the
> hardware if I can restore the utility FAT partition.
> If I can recover this utility, can I test the CD? Is it possible to purchase an
> upgrade CD/DvD for the 2550?
> Regards,
> R. Hagg
> University of Washington
> School of Oceanography
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