megacli on X64??

Ries van Twisk poweredge at
Sun Apr 29 09:36:34 CDT 2007

hey Guys,

According to my DC I have a failing HD on server:

Poweredge 1950 running ubuntu edgy 64bits.

I have 2HD's using megaraid_sas in raid1.

How can I check my raid array? I tried finding megacli,
but I cannot seem to find a 64bits version (apart from that they are  
and I have a hard time installing RPM's on ubunty edgy).

I also installed OMSA from here : 
Apparently it starts, but then I am virtually clue less how to manage  
the server,
according to the doc the OMSA server runs on port 1311 but that  
doesn't ring a bell.

any help would be appreciated.

Ries van Twisk

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