yum hardware/software repo website updates

seth vidal skvidal at linux.duke.edu
Fri Apr 27 12:52:29 CDT 2007

On Fri, 2007-04-27 at 11:15 -0500, John Buttery wrote:
> * On Friday 27 April 2007 10:38, Michael E Brown 
> <Michael_E_Brown at dell.com> wrote:
> >    Also I'd like to take this opportunity to thank everybody who has
> > used the mailing list to promote the yum repository and who have
> > written with problem reports, suggestions for enhancement, and
> > everything else. I hope to one day get an official yum repository for
> > Dell, but that cannot happen without your feedback.
>   Well, I'd like to thank you for making the effort to do it.  The 
> repository isn't a whole lot of use to me specifically (since I manage 
> Debian-based systems rather than Red Hat-based), but it's nice to see a 
> company with the girth to have a ripple effect through the industry 
> heading in the right direction.
>   Maybe, in a year's time or so, the yum repository and IdeaStorm will 
> have gotten some traction and we can start thinking about getting 
> dellmgr and OMSA into an APT repository.  :)
> > If the repository has been useful for you, please be sure to tell your
> > salesperson or account manager.
>   Ah, the irony; proxying a discussion between technical types with a 
> salesperson.  Funny how the world works, huh?  :)

Well I think it's more along the lines that if sales hears about it then
they tell their mgmt about it which ultimately means more engineering
resources can be made available to extend and maintain the repository.


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