SC1345 / Perc5 - woeful disk performance

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By default, on newly created arrays on the Perc5 controllers, the cache
memory is disabled.
Check that the array settings show that write back caching is enabled. 

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 I've just set-up a 1435 with RHEL5 and have found that an otherwise
fine system has absolutely woeful disk performance. (RAID 1 mirroring, 2
x 500 GB ATA)  If a large copy is going on (like some one scping in a
few gig of data files), the system becomes very sluggish and
unresponsive - but anything only consuming CPU continues to fly along

 I've seen a number of complaints about the poor performance of the
Perc5s but little on how to tune them up a bit. Can they be tuned to
reasonably performance or is the perc5 simply a bad design ?

 I also downloaded the LSI tools as pointed to by the site,
hoping to find some tuning parameters to play with, only the 'Mega' tool
set doesn't believe I have a LSI controller fitted. (Although lcpci says
I do :-)

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