USB woes

Taneli Leppä taneli at
Fri Apr 27 02:53:23 CDT 2007


Faber J. Fedor wrote:
> three years old. I'm running CentOS/RHEL 3 on both.  The old one is used
> The external hard drives in question are the Westen Digital MyBook and
> the Maxtor external USB drive. I have used several different units of
> each on both machines. HD sizes are 500GB.
> 4700 running FC3 without any problems whatsoever.

Based of my experiences of USB drives in different distros, most
external enclosures have buggy chipsets and work flaky in
Linux (at least RHEL4 and less). I guess it is a combination of
the host USB chipset and the enclosure chipset.

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