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You shouldn't need to go into the controller BIOS to do this. The PERC
4's and 5's have a "hot slot" concept. Basically, this means that if you
replace a drive that was part of a VD it will automatically rebuild
using the new drive. 

However, there are some cases were the association gets lost and if that
is the case the easiest way is to assign the replacement disk as a hot
spare. This can be done from the BIOS without too much difficulty.

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I'm going to replace a dead HD in a PE1850 this weekend. I've not  
done it before, so can anyone point me at good docs or a user guide,  
or just any advice for dealing with the RAID BIOS? It has a PERC 4di  
controller (which appears to be unsupported by OMSA 5.1 on Ubuntu so  
omsa can't see it) and 2 15K SCSI drives arranged as RAID-1.


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