Please help remove GRUB from PowerEdge 2950 with PERC 5i

John Buttery johnb+linuxpoweredge at
Wed Apr 25 12:43:02 CDT 2007

* On Wednesday 25 April 2007 11:00, Scott Swanson <sswanson at> 
>[stuff about removing GRUB]

  Well, my suggestions were going to be "fdisk /mbr", "fixboot", 
and "fixmbr".  That's already been covered, but I had another thought.

  One option, when you install GRUB, is to have it install "to the 
beginning of the disk" instead of to the MBR.  Unfortunately, I know 
very little about what that does, but I thought even a pointer to such 
a morsel might be helpful.  In other words, maybe these tools to 
rewrite the MBR aren't working because that's not where GRUB is?

John Buttery <johnb at>
System Administrator

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