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Mon Apr 23 10:13:50 CDT 2007

Ok then make sure the dsm_sa_snmp32d process is running. That is all
that I know to check.

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Thanks for the reply.

Sorry, forgot that my snmpd.conf already contain (at the end of the file

if it matters) :

smuxpeer .

I'm not shore if:

snmpget localhost -c public -m ALL . -v2c
sudo snmpwalk localhost -c public -m ALL . -v2c

are the right commands to see if it works but they give almost the same 
output any way.

Patrick_Boyd at wrote:
> Your snmpd.conf file should contain the following line:
> smuxpeer .
> That is also the root OID for OMSA.
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> Hi, we got three PowerEdge 2950 servers we want to monitor with snmp
> can't get it to work. The servers are running Debian with kernel 
> 2.6.18-3. Net-snmp and omsa 5.1 (used dellomsa_5.1.0-2_i386.deb) are 
> installed and the command:
> sudo snmpwalk -c public localhost -v2c
> Gives a lot of information but no Dell specific. The command:
> snmpget localhost -c public -m ALL . -v2c
> Is giving this output:
> MIB-Dell-10900::dell = No Such Object available on this agent at this
> This is my first time working with snmp so I'm probably missing 
> something basic. Is there any special modules or something needed to
> compiled in to the kernel or do I need to install some version of 
> dellomsa-drivers? Which version of dellomsa-drivers do I need in that
> case?
> Thanks
> Niklas Larsson
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