[announce] libsmbios 0.13.6 - fix packet-mode bios updates

Michael E Brown Michael_E_Brown at dell.com
Sat Apr 21 11:53:42 CDT 2007

    I have released libsmbios version 0.13.6. It can be found at the
usual places:
    - http://linux.dell.com/libsmbios/download/libsmbios
    - The unofficial Dell yum repo: http://linux.dell.com/repo/software
    - Fedora Extras 6, Fedora devel (F7) (submitted should be available
      by Monday)
    - The EPEL 4 & 5 repositories (submitted should be available inby
    - Debian packages should be updated shortly (Debian maintainer is
      working on update)

    The biggest change in this release is a critical bugfix for the
dellBiosUpdate executable. Updates were failing in packet mode.

    Additionally, this version *should* support EFI-based Intel Macs. I
have not gotten feedback from anybody affected, so I am releasing the
changes I have. If you have an intel-based mac system, please check that
the 'getSystemId' executable works on your system.

Full Changelog:
* Tue Apr 3 2007 Michael E Brown <michael_e_brown at dell.com> - 0.13.6
- critical bugfix to dellBiosUpdate utility to fix packet mode
- autoconf/automake support for automatically building docs
- more readable 'make' lines by splitting out env vars
- remove run_cppunit option... always run unit tests.
- update autoconf/automake utilities to latest version
- fix LDFLAGS to not overwrite user entered LDFLAGS
- add automatic doxygen build of docs
- fix urls of public repos
- remove yum repo page in favor of official page from docs
- split dmi table entry point from smbios table entry point
- support legacy _DMI_ tables
- fix support for EFI-based imacs without proper _SM_ anchor

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