BMC firmware update on PE2950 failed - SOLVED!

Christian Placzek clp at
Thu Apr 19 07:52:10 CDT 2007

We found the solution:

Start the server in single user mode. Install the packages
'dellomsa' and 'screen' with aptitude. This will install all
necessary packages like libstdc++5 and openipmi. If you are using
debian etch amd64 it installs also a lot of convert libs using the
meta package ia32-libs.

Before starting the update package start a 'screen' session and stop
'/etc/init.d/dsm_sa_ipmi'. Now start the update process. After the
validation and before answering 'Y' to continue detach the screen
session. Stop the '/etc/init.d/dsm_sa_ipmi' process again. Attach to
the screen session and continue by typing 'Y'. Done.


Michael E Brown wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 18, 2007 at 05:14:38PM +0200, Christian Placzek wrote:
>> Michael E Brown wrote:
>>> On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 11:48:28PM +0200, Christian Placzek wrote:
>>>> Michael E Brown wrote:
>>>>> On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 01:41:24PM -0400, Kuba Ober wrote:
>>>>>>> The OpenIPMI driver is currently loaded. Please unload the driver before
>>>>>>> executing.
>>>>>> ...
>>>>>>> I have stopped the dsm_sa_ipmi service manually but the same message
>>>>>>> occurs. It seems the update process automatically starts the IPMI drivers.
>>>>>   dsm_sa_ipmi is not openipmi.
>>>> okay, but dsm_sa_ipmi starts the ipmi drivers. If I stop these drivers manually
>>>> or per stop command using dsm_sa_ipmi script the install routine start the ipmi
>>>> drivers again.
>>>>>> ...
>>>>>>> Did I missed something or is it a bug?
>>>>> stop openipmi.
>>>> How? There is no start/stop script. And in the manual pages coming with the 
>>>> openipmi package I cannot find anything how to stop openipmi.
>>> /etc/init.d/ipmi stop
>> The debian installation seems to be different. There is no
>> '/etc/init.d/ipmi'.
>> I have installed 'ipmitool'. This installs '/etc/init.d/ipmievd'.
>> But stopping this service does not change anything.
>> An uninstall of the 'openipmi' package wants to remove the dellomsa
>> package as well. It depends on 'openipmi'. If I remove dellomsa the
>> update package reclaims that there is no suitable device.
>> Stopping all ipmi driver before running the update package change
>> nothing on this behavior. The update package starts the ipmi driver
>> itself.
>> Do you have any other idea?
> I'm sorry, I just sort of assumed a semi-supported OS. In this case I
> have to admit that I have absolutely no clue.
> The older DUPs had their own IPMI driver that they used. You might try
> just unloading (rmmod) all of the ipmi related kernel modules.
> # rmmod $(lsmod | grep ipmi | awk '{print $1}')
> --
> Michael

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